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Tryin' To Get By CD

Weldon Henson's Debut Album

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USD 15.00

Weldon Henson's first album, released in December of 2007. '“Tryin’ To Get By” is a phenomenal record that by all means sounds nothing like a debut record. From the sound to the looks, Weldon’s record is filled with brand new Honky-Tonk music that is made for Texas, yet still provides a breath of fresh air for those in need of original and true country music." -Humble Observer

1. Losin' Memories 2. No Place In My Heart 3. One Thing I'll Miss 4. One Memory 5. I'm Gone 6. Truckin' Home 7. Tryin' To Get By 8. Moments That We Shared 9. Not Wishing 10. Baby, Come Back Home